A Fresh Kind of Medicine

• Do you want a doctor who truly listens, teaches you how your body works and guides you to wellness?

• Would you love to have a doctor whose goal is to help you become healthy without the use of medications?

That's what this medicine is all about!

If you're not seeing a doctor who identifies and treats causes of disease, rather than treating symptoms, you won't get better.

Dr. Lauren Noel is a naturopathic doctor and a specialist in natural medical healthcare. She provides advanced level care for her patients. Receive comprehensive individualized attention in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Our patients are listened to, respected, and guided every step of the way to achieve optimal health.

Areas of expertise:• Digestive Disorders • Thyroid Conditions • Fertility • Autoimmune Disease • Insomnia • Detoxification

Therapies:• Customized Nutrition • Lifestyle Counseling • Botanical Medicine • Bio-identical Hormones • Anti-aging Protocols • Detoxification Programs

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